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Roads of Russia

The most of the roads of Russia form the closed federal network. The density of this network is greatest in the European part. The density of road network decreases on North and East. Total length of road network is 1 396 000 km, total length of road with hard covering is 984 000 km.

Classification of roads

The roads are classified according to the driving conditions. There are three classes of roads:

  • highway
  • expressway
  • road

A highway have a few lanes (4 or more) in each way and a central dividing strip. Speed of traffic is 110 km/hour. Speed less than 40 km/hour is prohibited. Also special restriction there are on highway. For example, a movement of pedestrians, public transport stopping and car stopping outside of special places is prohibited. Access is possible only trough a cross at different level.

Expressway is another kind of roads in Russia. Special restriction for highway also apply for expressway.

A road is third class of roads of Russia. It has one or more lane in each way, large number of intersections and it hasn't central dividing strip.

Road surface marking

All kinds of roads have a surface marking in order to convey the information to the driver. Surface marking exist in differnt forms and colors depending on the goals. The main goals of marking is:

  • to delineate traffic lanes
  • inform drivers and pedestrians
  • attempt awake a sleeping drivers
  • indicate a parking and stopping

The main colors of marking in Russia are defined in regulatory documents. There is defined the next colors:

  • White - for primary markup
  • Orange - for tenporarily markup
  • Yellow - for indicate of stopping and parking